Monday, March 12, 2007


We left South Haven fairly early, picked up a couple of caches, and then made a bee line for home. I was thinking that after all of our travels over the past week that driving home might be old hat, since we've done it so many times. Not so! First of all, Michigan is scenic! We have forests, lakes, hills, trees, and snow - each beautiful in its own way. Secondly, it's comforting to see familiar signs and familiar places and it was very far from dull.

We stopped in Big Rapids for lunch at our favorite spot - Bennigans. You must try their mix and match appetizers!

I was born in Big Rapids in a nurse's home in 1936. We moved to T.C. when I was 5 years old. Then FSU was known as Ferris Institute (Rootedy-toot, rootedy-toot, We're the girls from the Institute!) It's surprising how much I remember about Big Rapids since I was so young. Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime!

Got home, started the laundry, opened the mail, wrote thank you notes, paid bills - now THAT'S what is old hat!


1. The riverboat cruise on the Mississippi was the highlight for me.

2. I feel I could actually live in Arnold, Missouri - it's beautiful, rocky and hilly, clean, and complete with everything you might need. It's a suburb of St. Louis, and while St. Louis may not be a very choice city, it has great suburbs.

3. Tracking down your forefathers is fun, absorbing, educational, and rewarding.