Monday, December 21, 2009

Dylan is Twelve

Dylan's real birthday is December 17th, so he's been twelve for a few days now. On that day his requrest was pumpkin pancakes for dinner, so Laurie whipped some up. He opened his gifts from us, and after his homework was done, he got to do whatever he wanted. It was a very quiet birthday.

The party was this evening. Last year on his birthday they all went to play laser tag, and it was so successful that they did it again this year. His guests were Kyle, Peyton, Thomas, and another boy who will be named later! Auntie Jana and Grandpa went with the whole party, and Jana was the official photographer. She realized later that she only took family pictures, and so we don't have any pictures of the party-goers. Personally, I'm totally satisfied with the ones she took, in which my whole family looks like a bunch of commandos!

Jana's caption for this one is "Laurie managed to be deadly and stylish at the same time!"

The family that plays together.....