Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Geezer Breakfast

Faculty Retirees Breakfast!  It's always a hoot - no exception this year.

  Sat next to Dorothy and Jan, and across from Kay and Diann.  Conversation just can't get more animated than that!  Dick was being entertained by Bill, other Bill, Dan and Jeff.  It was fun seeing Karen again - she's always a hoot, too !  A most successful breakfast as always, and I'm so glad that we were able to attend.  They meet once a month, but we usually only get to one a year these days.

Time to head for home.  Trip north was uneventful.  We stayed off I-75 on purpose because of the construction northbound over the Zilwaukee bridge, and went instead on 96 to 127 - a much more relaxing drive!  Dinner at Rico's and then home.  What a nice road trip!

And of course, no day is complete without....

Found it 05/07/2014 You found Don't Get Trashed GFS 2   Visit Log
Found in good condition on our way back north today. Thanks for the smiley
Found it 05/07/2014 You found John P. Woodford Rest Area Westbound I-96 MM111   Visit Log
We were on our way back north when we decided on a pit stop. I knew we had found the Joker cache but now the iPad told us there were two caches here that we had never found. After finding the first one was a sodden mess, I was some what concerned about what condition this would be in. It's excellent! Signed the log and swapped one of our pens for a TB. Replaced as found, covered a little better and then took some pictures of the spring flowers. You folks down here are still a couple of weeks ahead of us. TFTC, the flowers alone are worth a favorite.
Found it 05/07/2014 You found Trained to Work at Night, Tri-County Edition #19   Visit Log
Signed the log as best I could. Cache is a sodden mess.
Found it 05/07/2014 You found Happy Food Stamps   Visit Log