Monday, January 03, 2011

Back in the Snow Belt

It was a perfect day to be on the road and traffic was light except for Cincy and Dayton. We saw snow first just north of Dayton - just pockets of snow on the north side of things. We felt that we were truly up north at Coleman - gray overcast skies and that misty foggy kind of snow where everything in the world looks gray. That's January up north all right.

Dick's report on the grand finale of our drive home:

We left Florence Ky this morning with every intention of stopping in Jackson. We had reservations and everything. As scheduled, we had a leisurely lunch in Dundee. Thought about Cabelas but this soon after Christmas, we couldn't think of anything we need or want. Back in the car and north on 23. However, when we got to 23/94, I couldn't get the car to turn. It just kept going north like a horse to the barn. Maybe we could turn at 96. Nope. It just kept going north. We were able to stop for coffee and gas but not even dinner. Pulled into 888 and discovered that someone had plowed the drive. Yeah!!!
So here we are. I think we will "hunker" for a couple of days.

Just click your heels together and say it three times...