Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Which We Take a Most Bizarre Side Trip

Talked to Dylan this morning while he was on his way to school. We talked about pie, because today is Pie Day at Palm City Elementary. He had never heard of apple pie with cheese, or lemon meringue, or mince - but he does know about pumpkin pie with whipped cream. He's also very familiar with Key lime pie, being a genuine Florida boy. We were wondering why there is no Key orange pie or Key grapefruit pie!

At one point while passing through Kentucky on I-75, our Florida realtor called and said that she needs a cashier's check instead of a personal check this year. Banks are getting choosy about the validity and guarantees of the checks they accept and her office is choosy about not accepting credit cards because they don't trust the banks! (Strange world in which we live.)

Well, that's no problem. NUVI found a 5th/3rd bank only 16 miles away in Cynthiana, Kentucky, and she sent us down Kentucky State Highway 32. Well, let me tell you, this was the weirdest State Highway we've ever been on. It was a very narrow paved road with no stripes painted on, no guardrails on severe drop-offs, no shoulders, and curve after curve - some of them very sharp! We went through Sadieville and Connorsville. In downtown Sadieville there is a sharp right turn on the "highway" where the road is about as wide as a bike path. If someone would be coming in the other direction at the same time, it would be a sticky situation.

Finally, we pulled into Cynthiana - a very nice town with every amenity you could want - and there was the Fifth Third Bank as promised. It was a very friendly bank -the teller gave me the cashier's check efficiently, and never asked for any ID - go figure. The entire lobby was decorated with all kinds of Univ. of Kentucky stuff - pictures, pennants, flags, footballs, etc.

We filled up with gas, and stopped at McDnald's for beverages. In the McDonald's there were 21 men and me. The men were mostly senior citizens sitting around the tables and talking about their tobacco checks.

Previously we had seen a truck loaded tobacco, and on the way back to I-75 on a much better route, we saw many tobacco barns.

Near I-75 at Georgetown, KY there is a HUGE Toyota factory. I was so glad to see that American workers reallky are employed by Toyota - it soothes my conscience a bit because we bought a foreign car.

Entering Georgia we saw a lake which had lost a lot of water because of the drought - it looked like a lake on the moon might look. Spent the night in Marietta, Georgia.