Tuesday, May 24, 2011

California, Here We Come

Nice 5 a.m. shuttle from the Comfort Inn Airport to McCarran Field. Checked in with no problem - walked to gate D 37 - yes 37!

Anyway, uneventful flight to LAX to connect with American Eagle to San Diego. Dick's seatmate on the Eagle was a young Mormon missionary returning from two years in Argentina. He went on his mission right out of high school so we figured he was probably 20 years old. It was hard to think of him as "Elder Hall"! He had a really fun welcoming committee - lots of cute young girls holding a big banner.

Tom picked us up and brought us to his house, and then went back to work. It was perfect because I got all of the laundry done this afternoon. Yaay! All the comforts of home.

We went out to dinner at Chevy's - yummy Mexican food. Hooray for Southern California.