Saturday, June 28, 2008

Magnificent Montana Plus Idaho

We left the yucky Econolodge in Kalispell this morning and drove for 3 hours looking for breakfast!! The 4B's Restaurant in Deer Lodge saved our bacon, so to speak. We had some breakfast bars in the car but we weren't that desperate. On our three hour drive we saw a crane, some deer, and fresh water pelicans, a real surprise.

Impressions of Montana:

1. No matter where you go in Montana you're never underdressed.

2. Montana has magnificent, wonderful scenery, and not much else.

3. Deer in Montana like to stand in the road.

4. Driving on the two lane highways, you are usually by yourself.

5. Lucky Lil has a Casino at every crossroad.

Checked into the Comfort Inn at West Yellowstone, and then slipped over to Idaho to add another State to our caching list. Finally we got to do some back-woodsing in the area of Big Spring, ID. Huge mosquitoes live in the back woods of Idaho! Luckily we had some Deep Woods Off wipes that saved us. Dick found 5 caches in Idaho, and one more here in West Yellowstone. Idaho looks a lot like Montana.

Gas prices in West Yellowstone - $4.25/4.26 - Holy Moly! But then, Tom tells me that he hasn't seen prices under $4.50 for months.