Wednesday, January 18, 2012

South Fork and Port Mayaca

I'm using Dick's log for the Port Mayaca Lake Okeechobee EarthCache Reborn - I couldn't improve on it!

 Dick's log, with pictures interspersed:

What a mellow day we had! We started with a geo-geezer lunch over barbecued ribs with Greyt Dog and Sugarwar. After swapping tales both short and tall, we bid them adieu and then joined up with Sharkie Crew for a tour of the South Fork HS grounds. What a great looking facility that is. We doubt that there are many schools with their own golf course on the grounds.



It was a beautiful January day, much nicer than the -3 degree wind-chill we are missing back home. Coming from the shores of the largest body of fresh water in the country, we enjoy a visit to the Florida version so we targeted this cache as a fitting conclusion to our afternoon. We enjoyed the view from the top of the dike, the resident gator swam past for us and the sun glowed through the clouds. Fantastic and not a patch of ice in sight. 

 We answered the questions, which we have submitted and have had approved by the owner, took many pictures, and then drove back to Palm City through the canopy of trees on Martin Highway.

Tom has arrived home from China and is safely ensconced in San Diego!  Welcome home Tom!