Saturday, February 19, 2011

9th Annual MiGO Winter Social

Where else can you go and be greeted by hugs?

My first hug came before I was even inside the door - (Justin of Wolverine Warriors). The second was just inside the door -( Jodi - LiteonCache).

And so on, and so on, and so on! So many great hugs and friendly faces - Heather, James and Sheryl, Tim and Susie, Gary and Donna, Rosie, Melissa - it was a great gathering. We are estimating that there were between 150 to 175 people there. We both had a super time - it's the perfect winter weekend get-away.

I really wanted to have a chance to play with Braylon - or maybe just hold him for a while - but he was very sleepy, and the wrong age to warm up to a stranger! Maybe next year.

This Bingo game is a fun, effective ice-breaker

Justin and Braylon - Wolverine Warriors

Crowd shot

James and Sheryl of...well...James and Sheryl !