Thursday, April 26, 2007

Explorer of the Seas - Day 5 - Cozumel

Chip, Laurie and Tom's excursion today is three hours of biking in Cozumel - from 8:30-11:30 a.m. Jana's excursion is an all day tour to Mayan Ruins at Tulum. Dick and I won custody of Dylan for the morning.
We had a terrific time - we had a great breakfast at the Windjammer, and then watched part of "Spirited Away" in the stateroom. He had picked out three movies to bring on the trip but Spirited Away was the only one we saw part of. After that, he invented a new game called "Walrusie Get There", and we played the inaugural version. It's very much fun for about 45 minutes and then it begins to wear a little thin!

After biking, Laurie and Tom took Dylan into town for a little snorkeling on the beach. Dick and I walked to town to find a cache at a dive shop. It was very hot, and so I stopped to watch the snorkelers and Dick went on to find the cache (Cruise 'n' Cache). We took a taxi back to the shopping center near the pier - I found the walk to be hot and tiring, and I was glad to be back in the room. Just for the heck of it, I ordered room service lunch on the TV! It was just like using the computer, and it was great fun, and it worked! Everybody else walked to the Windjammer for lunch.

Souvenirs for the day - Dylan bought me a beautiful turquoise necklace, and Jana gave us a Mayan calendar version of our wedding day - unique and beautiful.

The show at the Palace tonight was the Beatles, performed by Rain. I loved it. They played all of the great, familiar Beatles songs except they didn't play All You Need is Love. I was only mildly disappointed.

After dinner in the dining room, the younger generation went to Studio B to play Quest, an adult scavenger hunt game. We headed for bed.