Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

We made a big move today - from Summerfield, our December home, to Piper's Landing, our January home.

Chip and Dylan came with Chip's truck to transport the grill, and off we went to Loch Lane.  They had everything unloaded in record time, and we all had fun exploring this house.

 It's a 70s era home, with very few updates, but it's large and it has everything that we need.  We have learned that the owners were both in their nineties, and that both have passed away in the past two years.

 I guess their children are renting it out for the estate.  I was surprised at all of the personal items that are left in the home - awards, pictures and mementos of all sorts.  I would have thought that the children would have sorted through things and dispersed them among the children and grandchildren.

Anyway, here we are - it's a very lovely development - quiet and peaceful.  We have a terrific view out our back Florida room.

At Laurie's we ate Chinese take away and watched the 2 hour finale of Burn Notice.  OMG, is Michael Westin going to work for the CIA again?  Stay tuned.  ;)