Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Turtle Cove and Grizzly Peak

You just wouldn't believe what's happening in the Lower Huron MetroPark!! There is a huge new waterpark under construction - it's almost finished. It's called the Turtle Cove Aqua Center. We saw two big waterslides, 3 new buildings, a "lazy river". It's located right behind our Haggerty Road house - our kids would have been able easily to walk there - it's closer than the ice skating pond, and much closer than the swimming pool. We took pictures so that maybe our kids will believe us - although they still may not believe us!

It's going to be spectacular for next summer - there's a huge parking lot alongside it, and I just know that on hot summer days next year it will be a popular spot!

We had no idea that this aqua center was being planned, and nobody was more surprised that we were. You can actually see it from our park entrance!

This evening we were supposed to meet fellow geo-cacher Edward Applebee for dinner at the Grizzly Peak. We were there at the appointed time, but he stood us up - well he was very apologetic about it - it seems he ran into some glitches. Meanwhile, we had a great dinner, and really enjoyed everything anyway. Ann Arbor is a delightful town in the evening. While I was waiting for Dick to pick me up I was out on the street with the sidewalk patio diners, and watching the people strolling past was fascinating. Young, old, couples, groups, black, Asian, handicapped in wheelchairs, well-dressed, funkily dressed - and this was in just four or five minutes of watching! Ann Arbor is a great town.