Monday, June 30, 2014

Last Day of June

If you had told me last October that by July 1, ground would still not be broken for our new condo, I might have just thrown in the towel and given up on it.  But, it hasn't, and I didn't.  And so we wait.  I think nothing will happen for two more weeks.  Don't hold your breath.

This afternoon I got my hair cut at BoTangles.  Christie is always so much fun to talk to - I really enjoyed it.  Then we dropped off the laundry at Eastfield - after all, it is Monday-Washday, and we still don't have a working dryer.

Found it 06/30/2014 You found Zillions of Fish at Kid's Creek Pond?   Visit Log
The better half of the BB team had an appointment at the beautiful shop this afternoon. So while she was getting trimmed and regaled with the latest drama in Christie's family life, I took the opportunity to wander down here and find this cache. This place has a lot of memories for us when we were kids. There was no highway here then. Division Street ended at 14th Street and this area was owned by the Oleson's. In this area there were ponds where they raised trout for their stores and where kids could sometime sneak in and catch some to take home.
Enjoyed the walk, found the cache, signed the log, and put everything back where I found it. Thanks BirdsEye for placing and maintaining this cache.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday in the Mall With Dick

Sunday in the Park With George
I don't know why.  It's just the way my mind works.

The weather today was totally unpredictable.  It would rain frogs for 10 minutes, and then the sun would come out.  And this happened two or three times!  So today our walk was in the mall.  I love walking in the mall.  The people watching is always great, and so is the window shopping.  And really, so is the real shopping!

Will Attend 06/29/2014 You will attend July Cachers Meet and Greet Visit Log
We are planning on being there and we will bring some cookies or brownies, something with chocolate in it. We will try to bring Zoroan and the Sharkie Crew with us.
Found it 06/29/2014 You found January 1st Visit Log
Well, although the time has expired, we are glad that the cache has not been archived. If it had been shut down in April, we would never have had a chance for it being snowbirds. The concept is great, we are in the process of fashioning a similar puzzle either for here or Florida. (Or both). Solved the puzzle about a week ago but weren't in the area until today. Thanks for the fun Goldfinch, both in solving the puzzle and finding the cache. It's worth a fav to us.                   

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Outsmarted on the TART

Today we walked on the TART Trail near five mile road by Doug Murdick's.  It was hot (92F) but there was a nice breeze and occasional shade.  There is a very cool wooden bridge and walkway there.  There's a cache there too, but you couldn't prove it by us!

Downtown, the splash pad was jam packed with toddlers and their families - it's such a popular addition to Clinch Park.  There are usually more people around the pad than on the beach.

Today we mailed our first rent check to Realo Estato.  Thank you, Casey.

Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm a Hoofer!

Hey!  This morning we went over to this great park in Kingsley.  It has ball diamonds, disc golf, tennis, a couple of great playgrounds, a bathroom, and a nice paved walking trail.  I walked a quarter of a mile with my walker.  Well, it's better than nothing!  Dick went around three times, with weights on his wrists, a sore throat, and a cough.  He's a trooper.

Now he's off running errands in town and I am luxuriating on our deck - it's such a beautiful day.
This is me watching ducks and kayakers and playing on the computer!

Max's called - they will be out next Wednesday with some more new parts.  Nothing moves quickly.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lone Tree Condo Saga

This is the Wednesday that we have been waiting for!  Well, really it's the MEETING we have been waiting and waiting for.  Finally we had a meeting with the builder of our still to be built new condo, plus both of our real estate gurus, Beccy and Lynne. Dick wrote up a comprehensive report of  the meeting for the blog :


It's been more than 8 months since we decided that the Lone Tree condominium
development was the best place, with the best units, for us. On Wednesday we
finally had our condo meeting with Beccy,our agent, Lynne Moon, the seller's
agent and Brian Mohr, the builder. We were happy with Beccy's efforts to keep
the meeting on track and to see that our interests were met and our questions
were answered.

What we did not realize before is that Lynne and Brian are not the developers of
Lone Tree, they purchase the lots from the developer and then build the units.
There are three parts of the development. Lone Tree I faces Long Lake Rd and is
a commercial area. Lone Tree II is the area just north on both sides of Lone Pine
Drive, it is an area for 29 duplex condominium units. North of that is Lone Tree III
which is a large single family home subdivision.

Although all 26 of the units which Brian had previously constructed and sold had
been built east of Lone Tree Dr. with the duplex units parallel to the road or
Court, i.e. Hazelnut and Chestnut, apparently when the developer first submitted
plans to Garfield Township for Lone Pine II condominiums, the units west of Lone
Pine Drive were to be perpendicular to the road and facing each other across a
driveway. In fact, one such unit had been built by a different contractor before
Lynne and Brian became involved with Lone Tree.

Despite the fact that Calybr Homes, had already built 2 neighboring duplexes
parallel to and facing Lone Pine Drive, with their upper decks and walkout
basements overlooking the woods and a walking path, the township now insisted
that our unit, lots 45 and 46, as well as units on lots 43 and 44, be built facing
each other and perpendicular to the street with their decks and walkouts facing
each other about 50 feet away.

Lynne had an quite a tale of the meetings she had to attend, the paperwork she
had to fill out, and the folks she had arguments with to try to get permission to
build our unit the way we felt it had to be situated in order for us to proceed. She
indicated that many of the documents she filed required a payment of as much
as $500. Based upon our experiences with our East Bay Township offices, we
have learned that, for some people, the government folks at that level can be
extremely difficult to deal with.

Lynne told us that all permits should be issued next week. This includes not only
permission to build, but to excavate a lower level,to hook up to water and sewer,
as well as electricity. Once they have the permits and after they have time with
children and grandchildren at their somewhat primitive, no WiFi, no TV, lakeside
cottage over the 4th of July, ground will be broken and the building of our new
home will get underway. Brian has set a conservative move in date as the middle
of November. Of course this is extremely tentative depending upon the weather
and potential labor problems. 

One problem that we were unaware of is that when
the Great Recession hit the area and the market for new homes crashed here in
northern Michigan, a large number of the local construction workers left the area
for greener pastures and have not returned. Brian says that he has to set up
appointments for the various crews, plumbers, electricians etc. What do we do if
the place is not finished as November rolls around? That is a bridge that we hope
we will never have to cross. We’ll just have to stay tuned.

Once the permits are ready, we will sit down with Lynne and purchase our lot.
This way, the builder will be dealing with us and not the township. Brian has
agreed that the unit will be built to be handicap accessible and the stairs to the
lower level will be designed to accept a stair lift. I was disappointed to learn that
we could not have a door/slider to a deck off the dining room/kitchen for grilling.
The neighbor's dining room is just through the fire wall. We can modify the lower
level to have an enlarged patio area and have a second slider off the larger of the
lower bedrooms.
And of course, no day is complete without:

Found it 06/26/2014    You found Traditional Cache TC P&G         Visit Log
There were no muggles parked here today. As usual I made the search much more difficult than it needed to be but made the find, signed the log and replaced the container where we found it. TFTC

Found it 06/26/2014    You found Traditional Cache T.C. PARK AND GRAB SOUTH         Visit Log
We are not sure whether we should get one smiley or two for this find. After scoring a DNF, we talked to the owner at his M&G who said that after reading our DNF log, he had replaced the container, we dashed right back to make the find. (two weeks later) We opened the cache, grabbed the baggie, signed the log and as we placed the log back into the replacement container, (we knew it was because we were the first to sign the fresh log) we found the original cache. What to do? What the heck! We signed that one too. Thanks Peggy for putting the bison tube back. Thanks F&F for the chuckle.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Day

Dental side effects are a bother, so we're off to see the dentist.  I have a new dentist since Dr. Kevin retired.  Her name is Christina Mazzola, and I think she is Dr. Kevin's niece.  She was very helpful and compassionate, and she gave me a lot of treatment options, and free samples.  (Note to self: PreviDent toothpaste, Rincinol mouth rinse, soft bristle brush).  She explained that the chemo attacks fast growing cells. Mouth tissues are fast growing, and that's why there is sensitivity.

While Dick was waiting for me in the waiting room, an older gentleman came in and took a seat.  Turned out it was Gov. Milliken!  We've seen him around town a couple of other times.  Our other local sightings include Michael Moore and Gordie Howe :)

We went to Eastfield and picked up our laundry.  That's our new routine!

Max's serviceman came out this afternoon to try replacing another switch.  Do I have to tell you what happened?  Just let me say that we'll be visiting Eastfield Laundromat again next Monday.  The repairman said he has talked to GE Tech, and they know about our dryer.  He'll be talking to them again to see what to try next.  One thing that's being tried is our patience.

A little grocery shopping, and that's been our day.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Goodbye DNFs

Dropped off our laundry.  Makes for an easy wash day.  (Expensive)

Also, Casey came out with a lady and a dog named Pericles :)  He wants to borrow the log splitter - he has some trees down on some property or other.  Since nobody else wanted the log splitter, Dick told Casey he could have it.  He'll be back later with a trailer to haul it away.

Found it 06/23/2014You found  Harold's SistaVisit Log
We managed to erase two DNF's today. Given the data that the cords are about 60ft off, we searched on each side without success and were about to give up when the better 1/2 pointed out what might be a clue in the description. It was. Made the find, signed the log and put it back in the tree. Took 3 sets of cords and our Garmin 62s showed the location to be - 40.154 and 29.958
Found it 06/23/2014You found  Going to the DOGSVisit Log
Well it turns out that our math was correct and the cords were right on. We learned that seeking this cache on a sunny weekend afternoon is not the best choice. There are times when this is muggle heaven. Today was much better, it was raining and the sprinklers were on so we had the place to ourselves. Signed the log and replaced as found. We had a TB that we had hoped to drop off but it just visited. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014



Brunch and yellow roses, Schelde's and flowers - we have this anniversary thing down pat :)

I told Dick that we should buy some ketchup today - it would be cosmic because we were married in 1957, and that was 57 years ago, and Heinz ... well, you know :)

After brunch we went to Family Fare.  Got groceries, but no ketchup

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Welcome Summer

First day of summer, but I'm still wearing long sleeves and a jacket.  We went for a drive toward Fife Lake, and then Manton.  Nice day for caching, but we did have a bunch of DNFs.  Too bad, so sad.

 On one country road we saw a farm with its name painted on the bright red barn - Monroe Achers !  It's the second cutest farm name I've seen.  The cutest was  Jones Ranch - The Cheaper Spread.

We had lunch in Manton at the Merry Inn.  Dick said it should be in Marion.  Get it?  His favorite line overheard at the restaurant came from a very old gentleman in the next booth.  He commented that this thing (I don't know what thing)  costs $500.  "Why, you could buy a horse and buggy for that price!"

We drove home through Amish country,  Saw one very beautiful, very large Amish home.  Saw lots of horse tracks in the dirt roads, and also a lot of horse poop.  They need to use doggie bags for poop pick-up.

Our last cache of the day was CVCLUB. way down at the end of 10 Road.  While I was waiting for Dick I couldn't believe the number of insects that came crawling or flying past!  Mosquitoes, of course, beetles, little tiny flies, caterpillars, butterflies, big black things scurrying on the ground - crickets maybe?  Anyway, quite a collection in insect life.

Cache logs for today:

Didn't find it 06/21/2014You couldn't find CB SERIES #3 WOODSTOCKVisit Log
We just were not Geocachers enough to scope this one out today. We gave it our best but we just weren't up to the challenge. 
Didn't find it 06/21/2014You couldn't find Beer Can AlleyVisit Log
Things were going pretty well for us today but then the clouds darkened, the rains came and we collected a string of three DNF's 
Didn't find it 06/21/2014You couldn't find Homage to The PastVisit Log
We were blanked by this one today. We had to wonder after reading the hint if there was any connection to the broken solar light at GZ 
Found it 06/21/2014You found  TCO 8 Our "Up North" CacheVisit Log
Today, the first day of summer, was supposed to be a sunny day in the mid 70's. We experienced some of that California liquid sunshine and a series of DNF's. Thanks for placing a cache we could find. Signed log and replaced the cache where we found it. Thanks for the fun. 
Found it 06/21/2014You found  CVCLUBVisit Log
Boy this find was a bit of a challenge. Sure glad our RAV has 4 x 4. The cache is in extremely poor shape and needs to be replaced. The case is broken and the log is soaked. There was standing water in the container. Even though the log is wet, we signed it and replaced as found. 
Write note 06/21/2014You posted a note for  R.I.P. LibertyVisit Log
We pulled into this little cemetery to seek a cache but were driven off by the mowing muggle trimming the grass near GZ 
Found it 06/21/2014You found  CB SERIES #4 LINUSVisit Log
Driving south on 131 for lunch in Manton and this one popped up on the Nuvi. Pulled over and made the find. Signed log and replaced as found. TFTC 
Found it 06/21/2014You found  FLBPVisit Log
We have found caches in this park before. After reading about their fates we were very careful today to not alarm the couple playing tennis. We were able to out wait them, they were about finished, and then made the find. Signed log and replaced as found. Thanks for placing and maintaining a cache here. 
Found it 06/21/2014You found  CB SERIES #2 LUCYVisit Log
We set out to enjoy this first day of summer by driving some back roads and finding some caches which didn't require extensive hiking or bushwhacking. This one popped up first and we made the find. Thanks for the fun.

Friday, June 20, 2014

A "Plan" and a Parade of Homes

Max's called.  The serviceman apparently has a "plan" for our Hotpoint dryer made by GE (don't buy one).  Who knows what that could be.  They will call us next Tuesday.  Nothing happens quickly with them.  Have you noticed?

This morning Dick worked at the Visitor Center.   They dealt with over 50 visitors and eight phone calls in three hours.

From 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. we manned the table at one of the homes in the Parade of Homes.  We were representing the MEA retired teachers group.  That's one way that they earn money to give as scholarships.

Our house was big and beautiful - 4700 square feet - 6 bedrooms and 4.5 baths located in Incochee Farms.  It was very cold and rainy today.  We were set up in the garage, and it was very cold and damp.  We don't seem to have suffered any ill effects from sitting out there for 4 hours, so it's all good.  We really enjoyed the people who came to view the house - it was enjoyable talking to everyone.  By a lucky coincidence, the home builder is Brian Mohr of Calybr Homes.  He's the one who will supposedly be building our condo in Lone Tree.  I hope that seeing us reminded him that he has another job waiting.  He does beautiful work - everyone commented on how nice it was.

We had a late dinner at Harrington's.  It took me a while to warm up.  Hot tea is great - it warms the inside, and also warms the hands if you hug the cup!  It was a lovely dinner.  The restaurant was crowded and loud...and warm.  And, I might add, a bit over priced!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

No Go

Our Hotpoint dryer is officially dead.  Don't buy one.  Max's serviceman came back this morning, worked on it for about an hour, and then signed the death certificate (well not really).  He says he will contact the GE tech department to discuss this dryer.  He thinks it might need a new motor.  Heavy sigh.  Max's will call soon to tell us the outcome.  In case you didn't already know, living without a dryer is a pain in the tush.

Monday, June 16, 2014

No Big Deal? Really?

Before 12:30 in the afternoon we went to the Tire Factory, East field Laundromat, had coffee and tea outside at the Green House on Front Street, and went to the doctor.  Whew

We must have damaged a tire yesterday on our excursion.  The Rav developed a slow leak in a tire, and it was completely flat this morning.  Luckily we have an air compressor so Dick could inflate the tire enough to make it to the Tire Factory.  They patched it up and rotated the tires for  $16!  What a deal.

We left two baskets of laundry at Eastfield, plus sheets.  You see, another switch had to be ordered.  It came in on Saturday, but the serviceman won't be here until Thursday.  Heavy sigh.

We had time to kill before we had to be at Skyview Oncology, so we watched the world go by out in front of the Green House for half an hour.  Great people watching!

Once again, at the doctor's office, I got the feeling that my case is just not very interesting to them.  I'm just an ordinary patient, nothing special.  Besides, I "look so good" and I "don't look sick"! I usually just say Thank You!  But the next time someone tells me that I don't look sick, I'll say "Well, then, maybe I have the wrong diagnosis."  It is so obvious that although this is a Very Big Deal for us, it's not important to anybody else.

After giving it some thought, I think that it really isn't such a big deal.  It just is what it is.

Meanwhile, back in the real world:

"There's a real foodie renaissance going on in U.S. cities," says  Editor Matt Carmichael. "You're seeing that coast to coast, but these cities really stand out as great places to live and eat."
Editors describe Traverse City as a food fairytale, with dozens of great restaurants and opportunities to find fresh, wholesome ingredients for home-cooked meals.
Top 10 Foodie Cities, 2014
1. New Haven, CT
2. Scottsdale, AZ
3. Boston, MA
4. Asheville, NC
5. Traverse City, MI
6. Berkeley, CA
7. Boulder, CO
8. Burlington, VT
9. Omaha, NE
10. Washington, D.C.
We really do need to get out more!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Old Dad

In 2014, here is what some Dads (like Dick) want to do on Father's Day :)

Found it 06/15/2014 You found Summer Fun Visit Log
This cache has the perfect name. Maybe technically it's not summer yet but today was a very summery afternoon. We were out on an excursion to once more enjoy the drive down M22 and spend this Father's Day starting our twelfth year of geocaching. I made this much more of an adventure than it needed to be by parking at the beginning of the trail on 4th Street. After going up the trail along the pretty little creek, I got to within 95 feet of the cache but it was straight up the hill. I went back to the cachemobile and drove back to Prospect as the better half had told me to do in the first place. From there we made the find, signed the log, and replaced as found. This one earns a favorite from us because, of the ten we found today, this was the only one we would call "A Real Cache". Thanks for placing it.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found The Rock Shelf   Visit Log
What better way to spend Father's Day than go caching. We found our first cache on Father's Day 2003. We wanted to come down 22 to Manistee today. This town has a lot of memories for us, from high school sports in the 50's, to visiting friends who were Doctors here in the 80's and 90's. We pulled over to take a phone call from our son in San Diego and noticed this cache on our Nuvi. The cache was found but the process was a serious challenge to my agility level. Signed the log and replaced just in time to avoid some muggles on the path, a young fellow, his dad and grandpa. Thanks for adding to our fun today.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found Dixie's Cache Visit Log
Another fantastic Father's Day. This is my 53rd one where I was the daddy. Time sure flies when you're having fun. A card I received this morning says,
"Ever notice , the older we get, the more we're like Computers?
We start out with lots of memory and drive, then we eventually become outdated, crash at odd moments, acquire errors in our systems, and have to have our parts replaced."
We pulled up to this one and, as I was fiddling with the iPad, the wise one, still sitting in the car, said "There it is. No, over there" She signed the log and I put it back.
Thanks for your effort in placing and maintaining these caches Red Hat Grandma, I hope you realise how much fun you have added to our afternoon today.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found Park Play Time Visit Log
This stop just added to our fun on today's caching excursion down 22. This marks the beginning of our 12th year with this activity. Thanks for showing this cute little park to us.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found Trekking to the TT Ate - Baldy Trailhead Visit Log
After a great lunch of smoked ribs and quesadilla at Dinghy's in Frankfort, we spent the afternoon cruising M 22 and seeking a few caches along the route. This marks the start of our twelfth year with this addiction. We pulled in and I began my search. I was called back by the micro maven and she pointed out to me what I was missing. She signed the log, I put it back. Thanks for the fun.
Didn't find it 06/15/2014 You couldn't find Trekking to the TT Ate - Used to be a Lookout Visit Log
Darn! Our second DNF on our excursion today.We did find an upholstered living room chair at GZ. With all the other DNF's and logs indicating damage and dampness, the owner might want to check this one out.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found CAP-CAP INVASION -- CREEPY Visit Log
We were out on a caching expedition today to celebrate the start our 12th year of chasing down Tupperware and ammo cans. We pulled in and discovered that the muggles, mosquitoes, as well as spiders are all out in force on this Father's Day. We waited out the muggles, swatted and sprayed the mosquitoes, and carefully moved the spiders out of our way. Signed the log and put everything back as it had been when we found it. Thanks for adding to our fun on this beautiful northern Michigan June afternoon.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found Judy's Cache Visit Log
The ribs were great and Frankfort is a neat little town to visit. After checking out the lake and the stores, we continued on down M 22 toward Manistee and this fellow popped up on our Nuvi. We made the find and signed the log. Then we put it back as found. We didn't explore the area because that wasn't on our todo list for this Father's Day. Thanks for the caches we found today RHG.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found Frankfort Needs Another Cache! Visit Log
After receiving a hand held Magellan GPS for Christmas in 2002, we read an article about something called Geocaching and on Father's Day, June 15, 2003 we gave it a try. We were hooked. There is no better way to celebrate the day than to have smoked ribs at Dinghy's, drive M22, and snag a few caches. Thanks for placing this one RedHat, it wasn't the last of yours that we found today.
Didn't find it 06/15/2014 You couldn't find May the 4th Be With You! Visit Log
We found our first cache on Father's Day, June 15th 2003. That means that we are starting out 12th year. We did not want to start the day with a DNF but we did. Even the micro maven was blanked by this one