Thursday, July 16, 2009

Folks and People

This summer has been wonderful so far. The weather has been perfect - not too hot, not too cold - this has been the ideal place to be!

We've had lots of visitors.

June 28th Tim and Susie were over in our area to do some caching, and we invited them to stop in for supper. I made Steiger Grundy because it can sit and wait to be served, but I didn't make any dessert. I think this is cosmic...half an hour before we expect T & S, Chris and Drew arrive with a cherry pie from the GT Pie Co.! Did you ever hear of such perfect timing? The pie was a thank you for the loan of our trailer. I think it worked out perfectly!

Then on the 4th of July Gary, Donna, Dan and Laura stopped by - I already blogged their visit
(see "Y'all Come!")

July 7th Sniders came to stay for a couple of days -it was so nice to have them here - and have somebody to play with!

We didn't really do much - talked about the kids, read books, got Gibby's French fries at the Cherry Festival. Really, we just hung out and had a good time.

Last Monday Capt. Bud and Halanski Expeditions dropped in for a brew after completing the TTT caches. It was a gorgeous day to sit out on the deck and trade some "cache talk".

Yesterday I got a call from June, a friend from the Class of '53 at Central High. She and her husband Jerry were in town and wanted to see us, so I said we're going to be here all day - come on out! We had a very pleasant visit - It was interesting to hear about their kids and their travels.

Now we have so much to look forward to...Doug and Odette will be in town this weekend, and Laurie, Chip and Dylan will arrive either Saturday night or Sunday for their annual month of living with us! So here we go - the rest of the summer should be a blast!