Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Retiree's Breakfast 2013

It seems as though we go to just one Belleville Teachers Retiree Breakfast every year, even though they meet once a month!  This year was especially fun for some reason - lots of good friends and good conversation.  We really enjoyed Bill and Jan, Ken, Jim M., Kirk, Dan, Dorothy, Kay, Dian, and Hunch.  So good to catch up with everyone - except they're all beginning to look old.  Why is that? 

After breakfast we went caching - it was the perfect day for it.

Found it 05/01/2013You found Old Denton Cemetery Visit Log
This winter got to be too much for us so we took a couple of weeks to hunt for Spring and visit our new winter home in Florida. When the temp broke, we came back to our old haunts (pardon the pun). We lived in Belleville for over 40 years and recognize many of the names here, parents and grandparents of some of our students. Thanks for many memories.
Found it 05/01/2013You found Vernal Equinox 8 Visit Log
This year we discovered what Seasonal Affective Disorder is. A couple of weeks ago, our yard was mostly clear when a storm dumped1 1/2 in of frozen rain and sleet on us. That was it! We loaded the car and went in search of Spring. We didn't find it until Ky. We continued on and drove through the Smokies to find May Apples and Trillium.
When the weather cleared, we came back north. We lived and taught in Belleville for 40 years and this park was in our back yard for 20 of them. Our girls worked here summers. Today was a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky and the temp in the 80's. We spent our day reliving memories. This cache popped up on our iPad map and when we saw it was placed by Stan and Ruth, we had to go for it. Thanks for placing it and giving us the motivation to park the car and walk through the flowering Trout Lillies.

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Found it 05/01/2013You found Birthday Celebration Visit Log
We are in "da Ville" for the monthly retired teacher's breakfast, staying at a nearby motel. When we saw who placed this baby and why, we had no choice but to snag the smilie that goes with it and shout out our congrats as well. Thanks for the fun!