Sunday, February 03, 2008

Charlotte (Pineville), NC Day Two

On Sunday morning in Charlotte, everybody goes to church. Everybody! The church parking lots are jammed. They have annex parking lots with shuttle buses. There are police officers directing traffic into the parking lots before church, and out after church. From 10:30 until 12:30 we had the streets to ourselves - no traffic anywhere. We could make U-turns anywhere we wanted.


1. Drivers from Virginia seem pushy.
2. North and South Carolina are nicer and cleaner than I expected they would be.
3. Somedays when you're geocaching, muggles get in your way All Day Long.
4. Hobbies can sometimes be as frustrating as work.
5. When you're tired enough, at McDonald's drive-through you order de-coff caffee.
6. Hummers are annoying. They're way too big and some of them have ridiculous

Charlotte has a really nice Mexican restaurant - it was definitely authentic, judging by both staff and customers.