Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Teachers' Lounge

In 1990 we bought a pontoon boat from Torch River Marine in Torch River. We named it The Teachers' Lounge. Over the years we have had many adventures with this boat. When Dad was living, we used to enjoy taking him fishing in the surrounding lakes. I remember fishing in Long Lake, Spider, Arbutus, Green, and Fife Lakes. Mother would not ever go with us - she never did enjoy being on the water.

We sometimes left the pontoon at cottages that Lue rented - and we loved taking everyone for a ride. Even though we had more than one one close call, we never sank the boat. Once on Elk Lake, we made everyone put on their life jackets and we all got our ankles wet because of waves over the bow! Such excitement!

One year we anchored the boat at West End Beach to watch the Blue Angels. Everything went well and we all had a great time and a super view of the aerial activity. After the show a wind came up, and the Bay got very choppy. We had to go north to make our way back to the boat launch. John and Sharon stayed on board to help us get the boat back on the trailer. On our way back, the waves were coming at us from all directions, and we became awash. The motor was completely under water at one point. Once again, we did not sink the boat. Things evened out, we got more level, and the docking was successful. Whew. Talk about memorable moments!

In the summertime, we have had many, many good times on the pontoon with family. At one time or another, every member of our family has been able to go boating with us. When Dylan was little, it was a joy to watch him enjoy being out on the water. When he got a little older, his Grandpa would let him pilot the boat, and he took that job very seriously and followed all directions! When he was older still, Dylan and his Dad enjoyed tubing along behind the boat. It was kind of a bumpy ride, but they liked it anyway.

The past couple of summers, we haven't used the boat so much. One reason is that our summer weather has been a little chilly lately. Another reason is that we seem to run out of time because of so many other activities that we plan together. It seems that the two of us don't use the boat anymore when we're home alone either. It's taking up space in the pole barn, we're paying insurance on it yearly, and we don't use it that much. We wanted to sell it. But - selling stuff is always kind of a hassle, plus you never know who might show up at your house and "case the joint".

One day when we were out riding around, we drove right past Torch River Marine, and Dick stopped in to see how much we should ask for the boat. They made us an offer we couldn't refuse! We bring the boat to them, and they sell it for us for a fee. This really appealed to us as the perfect no-hassle way to take care of it. Today we took it over there and waved good-bye. They have 3 months to sell it, which Torch River Jim said would be no problem. Jim was impressed with the immaculate condition of the pontoon. It has always lived inside the pole barn, so it really is in good shape. We're hoping it will sell right away.

Heading out the driveway for the last time:

Torch River Jim:

Bye-bye pontoon: