Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tarzan the Ape Man

This was a very high class, sophisticated evening. sophisticated as we know...

Anyway, we did dinner and a Broadway musical !  Yes, we did.

Chip and Laurie treated us to dinner at Red Ginger - our first time!  The food was spectacular - I had Kung Pao chicken, the best ever.  Everyone at the table was ecstatic about the meals.  I was surprised at how noisy the restaurant was - it has the same kind of "industrial" decor as, like, the North Peak.  So noise reverberates and echoes.  But really, the food and the nice service made up for it!  Thanks, Chip and Laurie :)

Then we went to the Dennos to see Tarzan the Musical at the Milliken Theater.  We sat in the front row!
 The young singers and dancers of Miracle Productions are truly talented, and such fun to watch.  We all enjoyed it from start to finish.  The time went by very quickly!