Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gee Whiz It's HOT!

So on the hottest day of the summer so far, we elected to go to the sand dunes. The key to a successful dune climb on a beastly hot day is to begin before it gets beastly hot. We were there before 10 a.m. It was breezy and overcast - no hot sun. It even rained for about a minute and a half.

Dick and I found a picnic table and settled in. The rest of the crew headed up the dune.

They were gone for about an hour - went all the way to the top, went to see the logs, went up and down one hill a couple of times, and then two who shall remain nameless (Tom and Dylan) rolled down to where we were.

Off to Glen Arbor to see if there was room at Art's to have lunch - there was and we did. It was noisy, crowded and fun. Oh, and the food was good, too.

There was an art fair just down the street, so after lunch we walked over to check it out. It was getting hotter every second, but the fair was in a shady area, and so we were mostly comfortable. Laurie and I bought some Petoskey stone stuff.

Glen Haven was next. Explored around the vintage fishing boat and the boat museum just for a little bit.

We drove the Pierce Stocking Trail. and the kids went down the hill at the Overlook and walked along the shore to North Bar Lake, where we picked them up - it was extremely hot by then, and the parking lot was jam packed full.

They decided not to go swimming, and opted to go to Moomer's instead. That's a great way to end the adventures on a hot, hot day.