Monday, January 26, 2009

Bar Mitzvah of the West

We had a simply glorious weekend sharing the joy of Adam's Bar Mitzvah with both sides of his family. There were 5 major events associated with this ceremony - it's really a lot like planning a wedding, I think.

Friday night we went to services at the synagogue, where Adam participated by doing two readings. Saturday morning was the Bar Mitzvah itself, followed by lunch at Il Fornaio. In the evening we went to Kim's for sandwiches and conversation, and on Sunday we were back at Kim's for brunch. What a terrific weekend. It was a first for us - but now we're looking forward to Jake's Bar Mitzvah in a couple of years.

Dick, Bill, Eric and Ethan waiting for the service to begin.

Reiko and Hunter - Hunter was running a temp. and not feeling very well, but he was a trooper.

The Man of the Hour, Adam Henry Reines. His best friend (John from Manistee) is behind him, and farther back is Michael and some Reines uncles and a cousin.

Adam is conducting the Bar Mitzvah service. It lasted about an hour and a half.

Adam reading from the Torah, in the Hebrew alphabet.

It's a Reines family affair - Grandma, uncles, and cousin.

After the service, he gets a bouncy chair ride down the aisle of the synagogue!

Jacob loves his cousin Emily - well, everybody does!

Kim and Mike, the proud parents - they say that Adam didn't need any prodding or motivating to do this - he was self-motivated the whole way along. He worked very hard and did a superb job! It was impressive.

Mike's sister Sarah is a Rabbi.

Tammy and Ethan - the children were very well behaved through the whole thing!

Adam is kick-starting the luncheon by having a ceremonial sip of wine - he hated it!

Reiko's car - well, she is Jet's mama, and her husband flies jets, so - of course she's Jetmama :)

I'm ringing the doorbell at Kim's house for brunch on Sunday.

Adam and his friends and cousins are learning how to play blackjack - part of becoming a man!