Thursday, July 17, 2014

Willie and Downtowm!

Our guys spent part of this day in glorious downtown Traverse City!  One great thing about GenFest is that you just never know who you'll run into!
Comparing T.C. Kilwin's to the one in Stuart!

Shelly with her favorite son :)

Some high class cousins/tourists from Florida, Kalamazoo and Texas!

Chip and Dylan with two T.C. landmarks - The State Theater and the Martinek's clock.

Munson Ultrasound was very crowded this morning.  I showed up for my eighth paracentesis with Candy the tech, and Dr. Gartland. This time they removed 7.5 liters of fluid, the most ever.  It seems odd to me, because I have cut down on fluids and I'm eating a low sodium wouldn't you think that the ascites would improve?  Guess not.

Anyway, my reward was Interlochen this evening...because it was Willie Nelson!!!  Oh, and Alison Krause and Union Station.  Alison was one of the opening acts, and she was splendid!  We both enjoyed her music very much.  She sang some old favorites (You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All) and some new favorites, such as "I'm a Ghost in This House".  So enjoyable!
Of course Willie was the main attraction.  Since he is now 80 years old, he doesn't really sing the songs...he speaks them.  But he still plays a mean guitar.  He played one of my favorites, "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground".

Dick wanted him to play "Paul and Me", but he didn't this time.

It was a wonderful night at Interlochen.