Thursday, May 22, 2008


Crown Princess Deck Log
Noon position: Alongside in Stockholm
Sky: Cloudy
Temperature: 59F

It was lovely to arrive in Stockholm. There was a band on hand to welcome us to the pier and to the country. It was a lively little band - eventually 12 members showed up - and they played for all of the passengers leaving the ship to go on the tours. It's a charming welcome to Sweden! There was a shuttle on the pier to get handicappers from the gangway to the customs house - a very thoughtful service.

Our tour today was on a sightseeing boat - the tour was called "Waterways of Stockholm". We saw a lot and learned a lot. Stock means log or stick or wood, holm means island. Stockholm is built on 14 separate islands, and the name means forest island, or woods island. Our narrator's name was Lars, and he talked like a typical Swede (not surprisingly), calling June Yune :) We learned that only 3% of Sweden is inhabited, and that 80% of Swedes have cottages on the water. Our boat went through a lock to Lake Malaren and back.

The stage show tonight in the Princess Theater was a magician, Tony Laffen, and his assistant Kasy. They were fantastic! It was a great show, and we wonder why they're stuck on a cruise ship when they should be famous!

One of the locals helped Dick find 290 Swedines in the Stockholm phone book for Tim.

The little houses on the shore are allotment houses that people rent for day use only. They can be used for outings, or for tending community gardens nearby.

A view of Stockholm from the waterway.

This little band welcomes us to Sweden.
Jan on her balcony - don't know the other person.

A Baltic Sea car ferry in the Stockholm Harbor.

Busses and taxis wait for the touring cruise ship passengers.

The aft end of our lovely big ship.
We're off to explore Stockholm from the water. Can you even find us?
Scandinavians are basically fun-loving I think - based on the Tivolis and these cranes which are made to look like giraffes! You have to love it!
This is the Vasa Museum with the masts of the ancient ship poking up through the roof so you can get an idea of the size of the ship.Beautiful Stockholm from the water.