Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

We were going to take a Jeep ride today, but decided it wouldn't be that much fun in the snow!  We did have a nice ride in the other car - out to lunch, and a cell phone call from Tom during our ride - real fun by our standards! 

 I have an avalanche of flowers and plants at home, plus a really sweet bracelet -  Mother's Day is so enjoyable!

The first gift to arrive was this beautiful big planter for the deck.  It has  six or seven different types of   plants - including geraniums, dusty miller, coleus (called redhead!). ivy,  and petunias.  This is really a knock-out pot - so pretty, and ready to just set out on the deck if it ever stops snowing!

Such pretty geraniums!

Another angle of this gorgeous planter from Teboe's.  The card said it was from all of  the eggs plus the grand-egg :)
That's a family tradition based on my habit of saying "I don't want to put all of my eggs in one basket" every time some dangerous adventure was proposed.

Then FedEX arrived with this gorgeous box of tulips and iris!  The blooms are so dainty and delicate looking - wonderful to behold! 

Such a terrific combination of blooms!

I also love the pretty pink vase - it's the perfect setting for the flowers.  Believe it or not, this gift is also from the eggs and the grand-egg!

My lovely silver bracelet with the secret Mom message on the inside!  I'm only posting one picture of it because my hand looks so old!