Tuesday, September 24, 2013


So, first we have to determine if there's cancer anywhere else in my body.  I'm having a CT scan Thursday morning to check that out.  Coincidently, the University of Michigan Liver Clinic is sending a group to T.C. next week to put on a tumor clinic here, and Dr. Ruch is planning to present my case.  I think one of the outcomes is that the U of M people will recommend the best possible treatment of my situation.  It's my good fortune that this is happening right at the very time I need it!

Dr. Ruch said that if I can be approved for surgery (a bit of a long shot), the surgery would be done in Ann Arbor.  Other possible treatments include localized chemo applied directy to the liver or a "chemo pill" taken orally.

So won't know anything else until I hear the results of the CT scan.