Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day at Key West

Found it 03/17/2014You found  Key West Marine Park Visit Log
When we planned our trip to Key West we did not realize that this was not only St. Paddies Day but also the start of Spring Break for many kids. The area of downtown was wild and crazy with no open parking spots so we came over here where there were actually parking spaces and the youngsters were less prone to the green beer illness. It was a beautiful day and the park was pleasant. Logging the cache with the permission of the owner. Thanks for showing us this place

Found it 03/17/2014You found  Blizzards are better than Hurricanes! Visit Log
In Key West on a crazy Saint Patrick's Day. It turned out that this was not the best time to come here, the downtown is a zoo. We thought we'd collect a number of caches today, but the traffic and crowds were unreal. This was on our "to do" list because in Michigan, we are more familiar with blizzards than hurricanes. We gave up trying to drive around and took the trolley ride, then we looked around some, drove over here, made this find, signed the log, traded sigs, left our pen, replaced the cache, and then left town. 
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This is our first trip to Key West. What a crazy day!! Monday of Spring Break and St. Paddies Day combined. Driving downtown required the patience of Job. There was nowhere to park, all the spaces were full and it seemed that every other vehicle was either a scooter, one of those little electric rent-a-car buggies, or one of the trolley trains. Throw in the crowds of bikes and alcohol impaired pedestrians and driving was less than pleasant.
Here at least there were parking spaces and none of the rowdies from the pub crawls. We had a travel bug which came from Europe and wishes to go to India. We couldn't assist it in that and we don't know anyone who can so we thought that, since it had come to the USA, maybe the owner would like to see that it landed in the southern most spot. This is a beautiful spot. By the time we found it our time was limited and we did not do it justice. Found the cache in it's unique location, signed the log, traded pens and left the bug. We hope we will be able to come back another time.
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We came down to Key West on a crazy day. It was the start of Spring Break and St Paddies Day. The entire town was full of young kids dressed in wild green costumes staggering from bar to bar. I got some pictures of the activity at GZ and also got a bit wet from the waves crashing over the break wall. 
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This was not the best day to visit Key West. It certainly is not the day to try to take a picture of the monument. It is the first Monday of Spring Break, it is Saint Patrick's Day, and whether it is a factor or not, tonight is a full moon. The town is a mob scene, folks in all manner of green costumes wandering from bar to bar with no concern for traffic signals, cars, bikes, or other pedestrians. It seems that every other vehicle is either a little electric rental car or a trolley. As you can see in our picture, the line to take a picture at the monument was over a half hour wait. I did get a closer shot just after a wave crashed over the sea wall and drenched all the bystanders. (Myself included)