Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another Sweet Day!

Found it 02/25/2014 You found Jupiter Indiantown Road, midway Visit Log
It was nice stroll with Mrs Sharkie in an area that is new to us. Made the find and signed the log. Traded sig cards and left our pen. We contemplated continuing on down the trail to the "Annoying Fly" but the heat and humidity was getting to the northerners. We will save that one for a cooler day. Thanks for adding to our fun on this warm (70 degrees hotter right now than at our Michigan home) sunny day.
Found it 02/25/2014 You found C-Bob's Hopping Away Visit Log
Sure glad Mrs Sharkie came with us today, she saved us from a couple of DNF's. This was one of them. While she was finding the cache, I was collecting small burrs on my shorts and socks. I tried our new stamp on the log but got it upside down.

Didn't find it 02/25/2014 You couldn't find Pratt Tiki Visit Log
This one defeated us today.
Found it 02/25/2014 You found I'll wait for you there alone Visit Log
Out for a caching excursion on a warm (hot) sunny afternoon. The temp is only 70 degrees hotter than it is at our Michigan home. Mrs Sharkie made the find, Mrs Bend signed the log for both teams. Thanks to Hipointer and Capiti for maintaining the cache.                

Found it 02/25/2014 You found Stranded Visit Log
How did we make this such a difficult find? Once again Mrs Sharkie bailed us out. She showed me the location and I still can't believe I overlooked it at least 3 times. TFTC
Found it 02/25/2014 You found Wanna Race Visit Log
A neat location. Mrs Sharkie knew this was here but it was new to us. TFTC


I love the lush
 South Florida greenery!

Didn't find it 02/25/2014 You couldn't find First Park (& grab) Visit Log
Defeated us today
The cache name is really clever!

The DNF was not for lack
 of time and effort!

Found it 02/25/2014 You found Remote Location Visit Log
We took advantage of a beautiful day to drive down Pratt and Whitney with Mrs Sharkie south of the High School to find some of the caches which pop up on our NUVI. This cache provided us with an amazing muggle tale. After pulling past this one, we walked back to seek the cache. After making the find, we knew we had to take the cache back to the car to show Mrs Bend and to have her sign the log. We just got to the car when a truck pulled up to the cache location. Two men in the truck were looking at us. Cachers? The guys got out and went to the back of the truck and came back around with string trimmers. What to do? Wait 'em out? Then a second truck pulled up and parked right in front of us. While checking us out, they placed a cone along side the road about 10 feet in front of us and carrying their trimmers, they crossed to the other side of P & W. We decided to drive off with the cache and return to check out the situation. After driving around a bit, we returned and the coast was clear. Unique cache has been signed and returned to the location where it was found. Thanks for the adventure!

Found it 02/25/2014 You found Crossroads Visit Log
We knew there were a number of caches along the road down here because they show up on our NUVI. We came out with Mrs Sharkie this afternoon to enjoy the ride and the hunt. This was our first find today. TFTC. Took some trash and left our card