Thursday, September 04, 2008


Jim's shoulder is still giving him lots of trouble. He can't drive yet. His therapy is painful and bothersome. I'm so sorry that he's having these problems.

Tim is slated for surgery later this month - not really fair for someone who is physically fit and spent his career as a phys. ed. teacher! He should be immune from all of this stuff. If I ruled the world.....

James of JamesandSheryl suffered a heart attack last Saturday. Apparently he came through it OK and he's doing well. It's still very worrisome.

From the gym, Lee and Lucy are going through a crisis - Lucy is in ICU with a blood clot on the brain. Apparently she's not doing so well. I think I heard somewhere that Lucy was Shelly's first grade teacher. (9/14 update - Lucy has passed away - tests showed no brain function - quite sudden and very sad.)

Sharon V., one of our stadium seatmates, had uterine cancer surgery in January and is still receiving chemo treatments - she has three more to go. She's in excellent shape and so she's recovering well, and seems to feel fine except for when she's recovering from chemo.

Dan, our friend for 45 years, has bone marrow cancer. He's about to begin a series of chemotherapy treatments.

Amy has been put on bedrest until her baby arrives, near the end of October. She's allowed to be up and around for 20 minutes each hour.

We're hoping for the best possible outcome for all of these great people!.