Sunday, July 19, 2009

Drew Baby

Doug and Odette came for breakfast - Dick made banana/pecan pancakes! Plus chocolate chip pancakes for Dylan. We had a lovely, leisurely Sunday morning breakfast and a great visit before D&O left for home.

This has been a beautiful and fun day. We all went cruising around downtown, and the Bay was so gorgeous - deep blue and dotted with white sails.

Then we just stayed around home and enjoyed the river and each other. Shelly, Chris and Drew stopped in to return the utility trailer. Drew is such a darling, active little 18 month old baby - it's a real treat to watch him! We turned over some of Dylan's old toys which are now just right for Drew! Laurie brought Dylan's outgrown winter jackets and other gear for Drew - it's great looking stuff and I hope Drew can get a lot of use out of it.

It seemed like a great time to have a pizza party - which is something we've been wanting to do all summer. Laurie and I got the low-fat low-calorie veggie pizza! Mancino's is the best! We had a really nice time.