Monday, February 16, 2009

H a p p y P r e s i d e n t' s D a y ? ? ? ? ? ?

Good intentions - the car all packed up with trash for the dump, grocery list in hand, check ready to go to the bank, going to the Sprint store to replace lost cell phone - and we were off to run errands. Two out of four is not that bad....

The East Bay Compactor Station is closed because of Pres. Day. The whole back end of the car is loaded with trash - we haven't been to the dump for ages because of traveling since Sept. Looks like we won't go for a couple of more days yet.

Driving through town we turned in at the drive-through bank to deposit the check, and there was no was closed because of ...(see above).

The grocery store was open, and we put our groceries in right next to the trash bags...

The Sprint store was open and it was the bright spot of our errand afternoon. Tina was very helpful, and we now have a replacement phone with the same cell number.

Today on Facebook Adam posted that he and Melanie will be having a baby girl! The pictures were labeled "Isabelle Jean" - what a nice name. Congratulations to the Hardy family :)