Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Encinitas Night Life

Tom was our chauffeur for geocaching today. We had five finds, mostly in beautiful places. We had a chance to see the ocean - big waves - big surf. It's a real treat for us to see the Pacific - it is so beautiful. I think Grand Traverse Bay is beautiful but the ocean is beautiful on steroids.

After we cleaned up at Tom's, we went to meet Kevin and Amy to go out to dinner in downtown Encinitas. We had a chance to play with Maya, and watch her play and dance - she's delightful. Then off to the Via Italia Trattoria. Downtown Encinitas has a touristy quality - lots of restaurants, bars and gift shops. This restaurant was really nice - family friendly, and yummy food. Maya was so well-behaved during the meal - it was a pleasure to be with her. Afterwards we went down the street to Berry Happy Frozen Yogurt, where you make your own sundae with a multitude of topping choices! Maya had fun asking each of us "What did YOU get?"

So our last night in California was most pleasant indeed - nice family we have!