Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama, Obama

OK, this is not really me raining on anyone's parade.

I got emotional watching the victory speech and celebrations. I am ecstatic that Obama defeated McCain and The Twit. Of course I'm sentimental about the history that I have witnessed during my lifetime - the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the end of school segregation, the integration of colleges, MLK and the marches in Alabama and the "I have a Dream" speech. It's all very historic and memorable, dynamic and admirable. It's almost unbelievable that our country has come so far in just 4 decades that we now have elected the first African-American President. So I share everyone's sentiments, and we both voted for Obama with vigor and satisfaction.

However....a few months ago I was thrilled and ecstatic thinking that we would finally have a woman President in my lifetime. I thought that Obama was a fine candidate, but that maybe he shouldn't run at this time because he's much younger than Hillary and would have more future chances at a Presidential candidacy. Waiting for another time would give him a chance to get more Senatorial experience under his belt, and learn more about foreign relations, military operations, etc. I was never anti-Obama, just thought that he was maybe not quite ready yet. In reality, I was thinking that I might not have that much time left to see a woman in the top office of the land, so go Hillary, go.

Well it was not to be. Dick disagrees with me, but I kind of feel that women now can plainly see their place in the pecking order. Obama, is after all, a man - and so, obviously far preferable than any woman regardless of her proven ability, intelligence, experience, knowledge of foreign affairs, and other highly skilled Presidential qualities.

I was joking with Jana and said that Dick wants to name his next baby Barack. I sincerely wanted to name my next baby Hillary.