Monday, May 20, 2013

The Old Home Town

Traverse City cruise report:

1. The parking lot at Thirlby Clinic is all torn up.  It was quite a surprise.  It looks like they're working on a new entrance - the steps to the front door have been removed.  They have really done a lot in the two weeks since we've been there.

2. Clinch Park continues to develop in front of our very eyes.  The concession/bath house building is almost finished - it's definitely a unique style of architecture - kind of resembles two double wides.  Oh, that's really too harsh.  Most of the mud has dried up, and there are puzzling circles of concrete with no obvious function.  They must be part of the Milliken Water feature, but it's hard to picture at the moment. I'm sure all will become recognizable someday soon.  The huge, huge piles of sifted soil are being dug into and distributed.  It's still not possible to figure out what it's going to look like. 

3. The marina is slowly filling up.  A couple of the really big boats are moored already.  There are a few more every day that passes.

4.  I would never be able to work at the Grand Traverse Pie Company.  I can't even describe their case full of sweet rolls, cookies, and donuts.  So gooey and delectable looking.  Their breakfast menu is a bit sparse - a far cry from the Omelette Shoppe.

5.  You're never next in line at Meijer.