Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Leelanau Day

What a gorgeous day for taking in all of the charms of Leelanau County. We loaded up the car and left around 10 a.m. and got home around 6 p.m. and we had a marvelous time!

We started out at the newly re-opened Empire Beach. They've put in a nice new sea wall to keep sand out of the parking lot, and a wonderful new playground which is a real kid magnet. Dylan and Laurie had a great time there.

We all posed at the light house there for pictures to put on the earth cache web log.

During the day we found 4 caches - 4 traditional and one earth cache on the top of the Sleeping Bear! Dick found two, Dylan found one, and Laurie and Dylan hiked to the top of the dune for us. Here are Dick's cache logs, minus the earth cache:
8/8/2007 You found Waiting For a Ride (Traditional Cache) [visit log]
Out for a day at the dunes with the Sharkie Crew, we pulled in for a quick P&G. The youngest Sharkie was impressed that his grandpa was able to score it so quickly.

8/8/2007 You found The Full Glen (Traditional Cache)
We were out for a day at the dunes with the Sharkie Crew and stopped for this on the way home. The container is in the National Lake Shore but if Tiki doesn't care, why should we. The youngest Sharkie quickly scored the container. We took nothing and left a key chain we picked up in the Cayman Islands.

8/8/2007 You found Beare Hugs (Traditional Cache)
We were out with the Sharkie Crew for a day at the dunes, the beach and the playground and stopped for a cache or two on the way. There were no ankle biters in view today. Perhaps they were all deep in their PB&J sandwiches. Took nothing and left a geobracelet. Thanks for the hunt.
For the earth cache, we had to get the elevations of Lake Michigan, the Dunes Climb parking lot, and the top of the dune.

We had a great lunch at Art's in Glen Arbor, and then Dylan wanted to go swimming. We went back to the Empire Beach. First he tried jumping off the dock in South Bar Lake, and then he swam in Lake Michigan.