Sunday, September 12, 2010

Schooner Festival

The Schooner Festival began with a totally miserable day on Saturday. It was dark, rainy and windy all day long. We didn't go down to see how many people showed up or even whether they went out on any bay cruises. The weather was certainly uninviting, and besides we had to watch some college football!

Today was a different story. It was still windy, but with bright sunshine and deep blue skies, it was totally worth a drive to the marina.

The Coaster II from Marquette, Michigan:

The Denis Sullivan, Wisconsin:

The Welcome, T.C.:

General shots of the marina on a gorgeous day:

The beach was pretty much deserted today - the lifeguards are gone since Labor Day, and today the temp. was about 66 degrees - not exactly beach weather. In the background center is the great new 101 Park Street Building which is almost finished. It is such a beautiful building, and a great improvement on the massive hole in the ground that was on that location for a decade! Hooray for Traverse City.