Sunday, August 03, 2008


What a weekend! Adam and Melanie's wedding yesterday, with the reception last night - and here comes GenFest starting at noon today!

It was an absolutely perfect day - everything was just right weather-wise. Sharon and John ordered up the best day ever. People seemed none the worse for wear after the big party last night. The food was great - I think that John and Chip were the cooks but I must admit I never really went over there to see who was cooking!

We did all of the usual GenFesty things - Chip was in charge of the tubing and canoeing, and I know he did a good job because we didn't lose anybody! The activity was painting birdhouses, and it was very entertaining for all ages! Sharon provided tons of crafty items to use, and some birdhouses were beautiful - some were cute - and some were just silly, like Tom's flaming Southern California birdhouse!

The golf cart rides were fun for the kids, and especially for me - I think we did the tour of the property 75 or 80 times - well....maybe not :)

As far as I know, everyone had a good time and lots to eat, and they all looked great in their GenFest T-shirts - what a cool group!

Baby Drew was naturally the most photographed attendee, and also the most photogenic!

Drew and Sharon - a couple of tired buckaroos!

All in all, it was a lovely day and we all enjoyed it immensely. Thanks, Sharon and John and your kids! The Lichtenbergs were unable to come, and Jim never made it out, but we did have 35 people here this year. Hooray for Gen's kids!