Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bright Day in Brighton

Today we headed up to Brighton to see what caches were up there waiting to be discovered! Guess what? There were several. It was another terrific fall day - just perfect actually. This is my favorite time of the year.

One of the caches (Innovative) was near a big parking lot and an alley. We saw this beautiful fall display set up in that alley - just an ordinary alley in Brighton - I was delighted.

One of our caching friends is called TreePlanter. We noticed that one cache was called Tree Planter by TreePlanter. Naturally, we had to check it out!

Found it 10/14/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] The TreePlanter
What fun! TreePlanter caches are some of our most favorite. This one fit right into our caching schedule this afternoon because after driving up to Brighton/Howell we were on our way back to Ann Arbor by the back roads. It was another brisk and beautiful fall day in southern Michigan. What a fun way to cap it off. TFTC

Some of Dick's logs:

10/14/2010 You found Cruizin' The Avenue #4
Pulled in and found it on our ride. After this grab we decided to take the back roads home. TFTC

10/14/2010 You found Cruizin' The Avenue #3
Just out for a ride on a brisk and beautiful fall afternoon. This time when Nuvi dinged, we pulled over. TFTC

10/14/2010 You couldn't find Scattered Fate - The Sun
GPS put GZ at picnic table but we didn't find it. Expanded the search out 30 - 40 feet but still skunked.

10/14/2010 You found Shrimper's Second
There is so much of Brighton we've never seen before. Part of the allure of geocaching. Took nothing, left nothing. TFTC

10/14/2010 You found The labyrinth
Once again, had it not been for geocaching . . . We wonder what the story is behind the labyrinth. Thanks for showing it to us.

10/14/2010 You found Scattered Fate - The Chariot
We decided to cache around Brighton this afternoon. we knew nothing of this series and will not be able to complete it but it sounds interesting. We have never seen this type of container before. TFTC

10/14/2010 You found "Innovative" Travel Bug Depot
A great urban cache! Thanks for maintaining it. Didn't see any trackables in it so we left nothing and just took some trash. TFTC

Back at Valley Ranch, I couldn't resist photographing these pretty flowers by the mailboxes. This has been a day of beautiful things.