Sunday, November 09, 2008

Warmth, Friends, and Comfort

The program for today was lunch/supper with James and Sheryl over in South Branch.

On the way over, we made a planned stop at Tim and Susie's cabin so we could see all of their renovations. They've added a master bedroom and bath plus a laundry room, and now they're working on insulating the upstairs/loft area. The cabin looks great, and the new rooms are really charming. Everything is done in the Lodge style, so fitting for their great place on the Manistee. After shooting the breeze for an hour or so, we all headed off to James and Sheryl's farm - of course we had to stop and do a virtual cache along the way!

The soup was on the stove, the homemade bread was waiting, and J & S welcomed us with open arms. Their hospitality is famous, and we enjoyed the warmth and comfort of their beautiful home, and the fellowship around the table!

Driving home through a white-out of snow was a first for us this season. It never accumulated, but it lowered the visibility noticeably. We were driving the Explorer because we haven't picked up our new (used) car yet.