Thursday, December 13, 2012

How Cute Is This?

These snowmen have the same view of the field that we used to have from our seats!

Lazy morning. Wrapping Christmas presents, playing WoW.

 Went for a ride east - found a cache, saw the ocean, retraced some old, familiar steps just for fun.

 Lunch at the Ocean Breeze Bistro - live piano music.

 Visited Laurie and Chip - they've been working on their tree and other Christmas decorations. The tree is beautiful! We stayed long enough for Dylan to get home from school so we could get our daily hug and hear the latest news. He has exams coming up next week. His birthday is Monday, and the exams have kind of taken away his celebratory spirit this year - he's more into exam prep.

Quiet dinner and evening at Cricket Court.

Didn 12/13/2012 You couldn't find I'm Not Obsessed !! #8 Visit Log
Out on an explore we saw this and decided to give it a try despite the fact that the hint has no meaning to us snowbirds. The cords took us to the NW corner of the intersection but we came up empty.

Found it 12/13/2012 You found Rocky Point Hammock Cache Visit Log
For a couple of snow bird geezers from northern Michigan, this was perfect! An honest to God ammo can in the woods, just like at home. Started down the cement walkway using my new 62csx. I switched to map mode and zoomed in. When I got to the playground, the cache was due east and right above the picture of the cache it read "80 feet" so I started bushwacking. After about 100 feet, I didn't seem to be any closer and it still read "80 feet". When I switched to compass mode it indicated that I was about 200 feet away. Well, I learned that the 80 feet notation is the indicator of how far it was zoomed in.
The description tells me the trail is a loop so I went back to the walk and continued on, only to discover the walkway ends at the adjacent neighborhood. After some puzzlement and head scratching, I discovered the nature trail. Duh! Now I was able to walk to within 80 feet and then bushwack. It took me a while to find because the traditional "Up North" hide would be a pile of sticks (POS) against or under an downed tree or log. We don't have the same underbrush.
Signed the log, (it will be full soon) and left our card and flashlight. Thanks for the hunt and the adventure, it has definitely earned a favorite from us.