Saturday, January 18, 2014


Before the big event of Cacheapalooza, Dylan (783) and his friend Peyton were in downtown Stuart running in the Race for Compassion - Representing the South Fork High School Key Club.  Dylan's goal was to run faster than any of his friends, and he did!  He finished the 5K in 24:24, and had a good time doing it :)


This year's banner was a travel bug too.

Photographic evidence of a happy cacher!

Group shot of signing in.  Rumor has it that there were over 500 people signed in, making Cacheapalooza a mega event two years in a row.

We met up with Trippy, who used to be a Michigander, but is now a Floridian.

The cutest one at lunch!

Found it 01/18/2014You found Traditional CacheVisit Log
We knew that the area had been dumped on a week or so ago but still didn't come prepared for slogging through the swamp. Thanks to Zoroan for balancing on the stick to make the grab. The underwater path turned us around, so we decided it was time for lunch back at the pavilion. Sharkie and Zoroan were up for more but the old folks decided to call it a day. Thanks Mellie and all the other members of the C 8 Crew for all the effort and time you have expended to help us enjoy some days at JD. 
Found it 01/18/2014You found  MuggleVisit Log
We had one with us, he seemed to be having fun, don't know whether he's hooked or not. 
Found it 01/18/2014You found  TFTCVisit Log
Yes, the name says it. Signed log as with Sharkie Crew and Zoroan as SBZ 
Found it 01/18/2014You found  FTFVisit Log
We weren't FTF but we did score the find. TFTC. (Ooops, that's a different one) 
Found it 01/18/2014You found  GC CodeVisit Log
Didn't understand the meaning of this guy until we happened to be eating lunch at a table next to the Boy Scouts who were being presented with a Geocaching 101 by the cache owner. Found with Mrs Sharkie and Zoroan. 
Found it 01/18/2014You found  DNFVisit Log
Working with Sharkie Crew and Zoroan I knew this would be a piece of cake 'cuz I'm a DNF expert. Yesterday that's all we got. One of the young men snagged it for us. 
Found it 01/18/2014You found  SmileyVisit Log
While waiting for the Sharkies I got restless and Mrs Bend sent me off to find the closest cache to get me out of her hair. It worked. There is no better traditional cache than an ammo can. TFTC 
Attended 01/18/2014You attended Cacheapalooza 8Visit Log
Our congratulations and thanks to the C8Crew for the weather today. A much better job than last year. Out with Sharkie and Zoroan we only scored a half dozen caches or so but we will be back to walk some other trails.