Thursday, October 17, 2013


Beccy came out for an hour this morning to present the very first offer that we've had on our property.
We had a nice visit, a good chat, and some needed explanations.

So we've had an offer on our property, and we've countered but won't have the response until next week most likely.  This offer is from a person who has never been in the house - he's a river enthusiast and conservationist who is only interested in the property and the frontage.  We're not very optimistic about this deal, but at least it's nice to have our first offer.

 We told her about our plans to replace the septic drain field and how that would affect the buyer as far as closing dates, taking possession, etc.

 It's a good thing we have an agent - there's so much paper work, signatures, initials, etc.  I'm glad Beccy has a grasp of what has to be done, because I sure don't!
Why use a Realtor?