Monday, February 04, 2008

Charlotte to Charleston, WV

Today we found a cache in our 21st State.

We saw a foreshadowing the other day on the Interstate - we saw a double bottomed semi still smoking on the grass past the right shoulder, and long black tire tracks on the roadway where it had skidded to a stop. Dick said that it was a case of brakes locking up.

Today we saw a sign alongside the road that was flashing and it said Accident Ahead Prepare to Stop. I thought I had misread the sign, because how could they know ahead of time that there would be an accident and be ready with a flashing sign?? When we saw the second sign, we knew that I had read it correctly! Traffic was stop-and-go for about a half an hour and the reason was that a semi was buried in the median, which was kind of a ditch, and people couldn't figure out how to get it out! There were about 14,000 men standing around in day-glo vests with their hands in their pockets and shrugging their shoulders. There were dozens of emergency vehicles and police cars parked all around the area - it was quite a big deal!!

We went through one long tunnel, and that's always fun. Dick says there was a second tunnel, but i slept through it. Darn!

This was a mountainous driving day. It was raining, splashing, misty, foggy, with fast traffic and curvy terrain. Not easy driving!