Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shelly's B-Day

We'll be gone for Memorial Day weekend, so we did the flowers for Mom and Dad today. While we were getting flowers, we picked up some for Shelly's birthday!

The cemetery was a little bit overgrown - I guess they haven't had their spring spruce-up yet. Mom and Dad have just about the first real flowers. There are a bunch of fake flowers there.

I'm sure that they'll mow and have everything shipshape by Memorial Day.

Tonight was Shelly's birthday party and we had a great time. It was fun to talk to Barb and Jim, Adam and Melanie, and of course, Shelly and Chris. We met some of their friends - it was a good group with lots of very cute toddlers and children! Izzy has taken her first steps just this week, but she didn't perform for us this time.

Chris made the cake from scratch - it was yummy. It was his first attempt at baking anything! A good time was had by all - I'm so glad we went!

There was a contest to see who could use a picture of Shelly in the most creative way - we won!

Actually, to be brutally honest, we won because nobody else did anything! Thanks for the bottle of wine :)