Saturday, November 26, 2011

On The Road Again

Blog Break - I'm using Dick's Travel Journal

First night - Wapakoneta Ohio.

We pulled out of the drive at 9 AM. Drove with coffee/pit stops to
Williamston for lunch.

It's hunting season but we didn't see any
bambis on cars, only xmas trees. Did see a lot of deer by the side of
the road, 15 in Michigan, 4 more in Ohio. Gas ranged from $3.34 to
$2.99 here in the Buckeye State. It was $3.22 when we filled up in TC.

Traffic was not bad, setting the cruise to 75 let us lay back in the
right lane and just keep up with most traffic.

We were listening to the Michigan/Ohio State game on the road after lunch. We couldn't
find it on our new Sirius radio so we found it on an AM station out of
Detroit. On I96, when we scored, the guy driving the car in front of
us rolled down his window and shook his fist in the air.

The game was quite a series of ups and downs. Soon the station was
breaking up so we pulled into the Macland parking lot in Bluffton for
the last few minutes. It's a good thing we did because I might have
run off the road. We can't wait to see the replay of the TD that

The plan on this trip is to avoid Cincinnati and Atlanta so tomorrow
we drive through Columbus (Nancy suggests that I wear a different
shirt and hat) on our way to WV.