Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Underwater

We've found caches on islands, in all kinds of parks, on bridges, on boardwalks, in the tops of trees, in gazebos and on and on. The name of this cache says it all - "First Underwater"! This one is located in Twin Lakes, near the Gilbert Lodge. Tim and Dick decided that is was better to try it with two divers rather than one at a time. We set the time, planned dinner together, and headed for Twin Lakes.

Here are our intrepid adventurers setting out on their mission:

By George, I think they've found it!

Mission Accomplished!

The Victors!

Afterwards we all ran errands for a while and then met again back at our house for dinner. We provided burgers, sweet corn and cherry pie. Susie provided - omg! - pasta salad, baked beans, blueberry pound cake with fresh blueberries and Cool Whip!!
Yum! It was a very successful day.