Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Odie

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we go to Briarwood at 9 a.m. Dick does the U of M Geezer Workout and I use my walker and circumnavigate the mall. During one of my rest stops, I checked my phone for messages. I heard Dave's voice telling me that his Mom had passed away the night before. This was not totally unexpected - Odette has been fighting multiple problems for several weeks now - problems involving surgery, hospital stays, nursing home, therapy, in-home help and so on. Still - we had hopes that she would recover. It had been a relief to hear that she had been able to go home. Consequently, it was still quite a shock to hear of her passing.

I went over to the Geezer workout area and signaled Dick to come talk to me, and I broke the news. We left immediately.

Family needs to be notified and updated, and so we called or texted all of the kids, and emailed Barb and Sharon, talked to Dave and Sue on the phone, and waited for the details of funeral arrangements.