Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Halpatiokee, Sailor's Return, Wildcat Park, Halo Risk

The day began with a walk in the park (Halpatiokee) with Tom, Laurie, Dylan and Dick. Dick was doing cache maintenance. Dylan was able to find the one Dick couldn't find yesterday. It was a beautiful morning - cool and sunny - perfect for being out and about.

Out to lunch at a new place by the bridge in Stuart. It's a very nice place, and quite popular. It's right on the waterway, and next to a marina with big. beautiful boats. We enjoyed it.

After lunch Laurie drove over to Palm City Elementary, where they have a brand new play structure - Wildcat 2 Community Park. We explored and had a good time just fooling around.

Back at Laurie's house, Dylan set up the new Halo Risk game that he got for his birthday. The set-up takes a long, long time, and of course the game itself is even longer! Tom was such an obnoxious victor that Dylan suggested that he and I make an alliance, and only attack Uncle Tom . That worked like a charm! Tom was defeated after three hours (!). We left the game set up on the table, and tomorrow Tom will take over my armies, and he and Dylan will have it out! I'll be glad to be just an observer.