Friday, October 31, 2008

Total Loss

The Subaru has been declared a total loss.

The insurance company left a message that they had received all of the paperwork from Ross Beakes Collision and would be contacting us in a few days to discuss the settlement. So we need to go shopping.

I would really like to get a new car for a change. Then you have no worries about getting a flood car, a hurricane car, or a previously smashed car. I would also really like to get a little bit bigger car - the Subaru was a bit of a tight fit. I would also dearly love to get an American made car, especially in these dark days for Michigan. How about a Ford Escape hybrid?

Dick, on the other hand, loved the Subaru, and trusts Wares Brothers. Can't argue about the safety aspects of the Subaru. Since 2003, it's had side airbags, and since 2006 it's even had a trunk release, which is not a safety feature but nice to have. So no doubt that we will once again go trucking off to Wares Brothers to look at the latest crop of discarded Subarus. Heavy sigh.

It was a beautiful day to drive home to TC. We were very glad to be heading home - the last week in Ann Arbor has been a week of recovery for us - and we were all a little subdued and listless. Luckily, the apartment was a nice place for recovering - we were warm and comfortable. We each had our laptops so we could all play WoW at the same time.

We ate lunch in Cadillac, got home around 3 p.m., unloaded the rental (a black Mercury Milan), returned it, picked up our mail, and drove downtown in time to see tons of kids trick or treating on Front Street.

Happy Halloween