Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fun in Colorado and Fun in Florida

Fun in Colorado!  Bob posted this picture on Facebook:

I think it would be great fun to sit at that table!

This was an errand running day for us, along with continued recovery.  Tennis racket, recycle tiles from the garage, mail, cache for today, lunch at Reubens, Publix, go home and pay bills, set up seasonal cable account, notify USPS of mail forwarding for the summer.

Found it 03/27/2014 You found Stuart West Park & Grab Visit Log
Thanks for placing this cache. Sometimes a P&G is all we want. This day was a blank on our caching calendar and we wanted to fill it in. We were pressed to accomplish a bunch of other tasks and seeing this one we hadn't found so close to the recycling yard we had just left was perfect. Made the find, signed the log and replaced as found.                   

Even more fun in Colorado!