Thursday, November 18, 2010

Visual Treats

In Traverse City, the number one visual treat currently is this mural of the waterfront. It's made up of hand-painted tiles, painted by many different hands at many different events. It's on the Ace Hardware Building on Front Street

Driving around town today we were in sunshine one minute and blowing snow the next. Our town has so much to appreciate - it should be appreciated before the blizzards of winter come galloping across Lake Michigan and cover everything up!

Soon we'll be surrounded by Christmas decorations, and this beautiful late fall November we've been enjoying will be gone. We enjoyed checking out some of the treasures of our town this morning.

This one's a real treat - on Union Street near 14th. I love the gracefulness of the bikes riding down the hill.

The Visitor Center entrance looks very welcoming.

Everybody's favorite statue is the bike lesson at Clinch Park.

Lady Liberty on the Boardman - she's behind a big ugly building - this is definitely the good side of the building!

On the porch at Folgarelli's:

Nobody's favorite - The Guardian of the River, by the Chamber of Commerce:

Fancy metalwork at the new hand surgery building at Front and Division:

Fall bounty at the Fruit Dock on Front Street.

In front of the old Courthouse: