Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Geezer Workout/Meet and Eat

First of all, Happy Birthday to Autumn! What luck to have a birthday on 9/9/09!

Also, congratulations to Blendi and his bride who chose today as their wedding day. We hope it brings them luck. Jana was a witness, and reports that the dinner was very nice.

When we stay in Ann Arbor, we go on Mon., Wed., and Fri. to the M-Fit workout for Seniors at the Briarwood Mall from 9 to 10 a.m. We've named it the Geezer Workout because - well - it's self-explanatory! It's a fairly strenuous workout from our perspective - much more aerobic than our Vital Step gym in T.C. They go full bore for an hour, so there's really no way to work up to it gradually - I just have to do what I can, and sit out the polka! Dick does much better, but it's hard for him, too. We get better as the month goes by, and by the time we're getting good at it, the month is over.

Anyway, we worked out this morning, and then found 8 more caches. We love going for a ride, so Dick would pick a cache that was maybe 10 miles away, set Nuvi to go there, and off we went - sometimes finding others on the way to the destination. Today we drove around Saline and Milan mostly. We went into the Marble Park Cemetery in Milan to see if we could find any Kanitzes. We only found one - my Uncle Elby - but I know there are several more relatives there. That just wasn't our main mission for the day.

In the evening we attended the SE Michigan MiGO Monthly Meet and Eat over in Southfield. They have it at Panera Bread, which is quite small. It's always quite crowded and noisy! We enjoyed meeting some new people as always. Some logs from the event:

September 9 by LiteOnCache (203 found)
What a super fun event! I'm so glad I drove 2 &1/2 hrs round trip to spend an hour with all you folks! It was SO worth it! This was my very first event. I wish I could have stayed longer to chat into the night and meet more of you. I'm especially glad to have had the pleasure to meet BasswoodBend in person!

September 9 by Team TopKat (6791 found)
After a summer of lighter turnouts it was great to see the turnout tonite. Lots of new faces to go along with the usuals. Cool coin, thanks for getting that arranged. Good job by the event hosts. Special greeting to Basswoodbend for making their annual appearance tonite. It was nice to talk to them after having just finished their fantastic cache series this past weekend.

September 9 by basswoodbend (2298 found)
It's always fun to sit and yammer with other nuts who cheerfully and excitedly chase after Tupperware wrapped in duct tape, or search for microscopic coils of paper concealed within minuscule containers which are sequestered beneath obscure metallic objects. Since the majority of the population is convinced that we are the epitome of weird when we attempt to describe how we spend our free time, it's great to socialize with colleagues. Thanks for hosting the event. The cake was a winner. Looking at the 2010 schedule, we'll probably see you in October next year.

And because today is 09/09/09, there was a clever intro on the web page:

This month the meet and eat happens to fall on 09-09-09!!
You don’t need to dress to the nines or be on cloud 9
but do come and go the whole 9 yards
while talking about geocaching, cache hides, puzzles and the great stories of the trail.
Bring your Bugs, Coins and Sig items for trade or exchange.
Stop by for a visit or hang out for 99 minutes but for sure at least 9 minutes!